About Me

Alice Fischer — Artist  //  Photographer // Owner of Alice’s Art Gallery


My name is Alice. I started Alice's Art Gallery because I’m a firm believer in the saying: “Do what you love.” And for me - I love is making art! Nothing fuels my soul more than being able to be creative and share my passions with others around me. Being able to see my client’s happy faces when I hand over a collection of photos and knowing that something we created together is capable of being passed on from generation to generation is something truly magical. I pour my heart into every photograph, every piece of art that I create; focusing in on the little details because little details are, in my opinion, are what makes up the bigger portion of a whole. 

I believe in the creation and admiration of high quality works of art.
I call my business a gallery because, like every piece of art, photograph, or timeless moment, it should be reflected upon and admired, like a fine piece of art that is respected and hung up on a wall in a museum. 

Something that you may have noticed is that I am a very proud dog mom!  You’ll find my rescued Chihuahua, ChiChi peppered in as I am proud dog mom and animal lover. I welcome my clients to bring their pets in our photo sessions too.


I was born in Wisconsin, and even though Florida has been my home now for over 25 years, I am a northerner at heart. I graduated from Seminole State College with a degree focusing on Business. When I'm not editing photos or working on my next project, I am discovering new recipes, out exploring, or planning my next adventure. I LOVE to travel! So far in 2019 - I got to visit 4 countries (Scotland, Belgium, England, and Paris) and 3 states (Colorado, Georgia, and Massachusetts). It is with open arms that I welcome destination weddings, elopements, and shoots. :)


I've gained part of my knowledge and inspiration from several other leading photographers in the industry, but the majority of my art is self-taught.  I believe that, like in life, we go through a series of "trials and errors;" this is a process of discovery—this process is what ignites our passions and determination.  I feel like finding out what works for you and what doesn't; it is our own path to artistic euphoria. This is what really challenges us into developing a skill that not only leads to personal growth; feelings of self-accomplishment and joy; but a deeper meaning and understanding of our internal drive. 

Let me start by saying that I live my life by ‘Free Association’. I believe in being free, limitless, and unrestricted. As an artist, I believe in capturing a whole new level of beauty by going beyond what is expected.
— Alice

What AAG is really all about... 


ART //

What does art mean to me? 
For me it starts with an idea. From that idea it becomes a potential. From this potential there is the seedling of a new piece. My art grew from a creative outlet to a passion that has brought on inspiration from a variety of mediums, but most importantly it brought me to you. 




My passion for photography really got its start when I was just a teenager.  It all began with Black and White 35 mm film. I learned about composition, and the entire process of taking, developing, and processing a photo from start to finish. While the majority of images are digital I owe my persistence and dedication to the dark room. To this day I continue my film and digital journey simultaneously. I own a variety of vintage cameras and sometimes I bring them with me for fun or upon request.




From the very first steps we take in life we are making connections. From our surroundings and those around us: finding out what we love and remembering and treasuring those moments is important. It is my goal and genuine pleasure to capture these interactions with every client; to take each moment and transform it into something not only cherished in your memories, but honored in a single shot, in a picture. 



Thank you for reading!