Bette Ann's Black + White Birthday Bash

Check out Bette Ann's vivacious 20-something-year-old birthday party! 

You wouldn't know it but Bette-Ann turned 85 today! Bette-Ann is a resident at Village on the Green senior living apartments. The party was hosted by her sweet daughter, Sheryl, who had invited all of her mother's closest friends and family. There was well over 100 guests that attended her party! This black and white-themed party -excluding the one and only birthday girl!- was filled with love, hugs, memories both old and new, and a special game that gave you a little more insight to the life of Bette Ann! 

Bette Ann was a H.S. cheerleader, and proud of it! 

The family.

The guys with the Birthday Girl

The ladies showing them how it's done!

This little one would occasionally steal my heart from behind the lens with her cuteness!

Bette Ann and her daughter Sheryl.

This spunky lady was so popular! 

This spunky lady was so popular! 

How guests to an 85 year old's birthday party coming rolling in. ;) 

She already anticipates trouble! Sheryl and her family had fun handing the mic to anyone who wanted to ask Bette Ann a question. ANY question (G-rated of course!). "Remember that one time when...?"

This is Brian Hayes. Brian is a very talented classical guitar player and teacher. He has worked worked as an instructor for the family for many years. 

While Bette Ann may have been put on the spot a few times, her comebacks were priceless!

BIG thanks to both Sheryl and Bette-Ann for letting me capture the such a joyous occasion. I hope to work with you again in the near future. :)