Amber + Andrew // Wedding // Bridle Oaks Barn


I had the wonderful opportunity to do Amber and Andrew’s engagement session last year in Downtown DeLand.

 SIDE NOTE/SPOILERS: I don’t always get the opportunity to capture my clients’ engagement sessions, but when I do, I find it so incredibly rewarding seeing them up there on that altar. From finding out all the pertinent details, to witnessing the growth between one another. Being able document it all beind the lens is truly something beautiful and something that I hope to never take for granted. 

During the ceremony Amber and Andrew’s wedding vows had me laughing, smiling, and crying all as I thought it would. Bright corals, soft teals, and matte grey accent colors complimented the blissfully happy bride and groom.  Toasts, prayers, and a special song from Amber’s sorority sisters filled Bridle Oaks Barn with positive energy. AND. Let me tell you. THIS FAN-GIRL FREAKED OUT when I found out we were going to have Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who-themed props! 




The force is strong with this one.


You'll stay with me?

   - Until the very end.

We’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one.
— The Doctor

Wishing you all of the happiness!