Body Painting at XL 106.7!

WOOO!!! AAG got to spend the day at iheartradio!

Models, Marissa and Rae from XL 106.7 radio we're excited and eager to participate in support of Orlando's local artists. 
This collaboration was hosted by two very talented artists: Emma Kenemer and Shannon Holt.  The entire duration was only about two hours (That's super quick in body painting time!) , but the results were incredible!
For those of you that don't know, I've been involved in the body painting community, here and there, for some time now! I originally started out as a model. I love the concept of "LIVING ART" and utilizing our body as a human canvas. Probably one of that saddest, and most rewarding aspect of body painting is that it doesn't last forever. But fortunately we can capture if forever; in a photograph. ;)